Healing my Relationship with Money
Healing my relationship with Money by Miranda Scott

Most recently on my mirror in my kitchen I wrote the affirmation: 

“I have a great relationship with Money $$$. I am great at saving Money. Money flows to me. My income is always increasing. I make an abundance of Money by doing creative work that I love”

I have never felt so connected to an affirmation before, this affirmation means a lot to me because this is what I truly want for my life.

I believe in the power of manifestation and everything I write on my mirror becomes true for me, however I never felt confident enough to write that until now.

I have not always had the greatest relationship with money.

I think this is something a lot of people struggle with and you never hear much conversation about money unless its negative or boastful. I prefer an outlook on money that falls somewhere in the middle.

From a young age a lot of limiting beliefs was instilled in me about money.

My father didn’t believe women should work and you weren’t doing womanhood correctly unless a man was paying everything for you.

This never felt right to me. As soon as I could, I got a job. I wanted to work.

My father would always say “if you are anything like me, then you will never be broke”,

But I wasn’t anything like him, so that put me on this narrow path. I looked up to him and although sales came naturally to me just like they did to him, I thought that if I didn’t execute my financial path exactly the way he did, then I wouldn’t succeed.

I needed to repair my consciousness.

We all have different talents and we are living in an era where you can pull in cashflow a trillion different ways.

I am learning to look outside the box, go out of my comfort zone and meet new people who are making money in the coolest ways!

Every time I would get ahold of money it would seem I would want to give it away, spend it, or invest in something I thought would make sense to my dad. “Daddy Issues to the fullest in this neck of the woods”

I thought you had to be great to have money, and I didn’t feel great, therefore I didn’t feel worthy, therefore consciously I would sabotage my income.

Just because you have money does not mean you are great.

A big house and a fancy car doesn’t make you shit.

And just because you take two vacations a year doesn’t mean that you’re happy.

Its all about perspective.

I am great no matter what my income is because I am resilient, resourceful, kind, a truth teller, and unapologetically myself. I am great because I can get back up from anything and I love unconditionally.

Now that I am on an ever growing path of spirituality I now accept that I am deserving of a great income that allows me to work for myself creatively and also so I can invest in experiences that allow me to grow more mind, body, and spirit. I want these experiences for me, not because I have anything to prove to anyone else.

Manifestation is very real and so I am careful of what I say, but I can confidently say I do not want a fancy life. That’s what suits ME! Although fancy lives do look really awesome on Instagram but they come at a price and a lot of hard work, which I so respect.

But I desire a slower pace and more balance because I realize wealth is also more than a dollar amount.

I want to always be my own boss and work creatively so that I experience as little stress as possible. Stress is hard on me and my body is sensitive. I want low stress so I have optimal health. I never want to get sick. I want to buy all organic groceries and drink yummy green juice everyday. I always want my nails and hair done and a yoga membership if I’m feeling the need to be active. I want freedom and healthy relationships. I want to be able to go to dinner with my friends and go fun places whenever I want. I want my daughter and fur babies taken care of at all times and for them to experience health in abundance. I want a practical car that never fails me. I want enough money to take trips whenever I want and I want to live in a cabin in the mountains for one whole year, and then a bungalow on the beach another without worrying about the outside world.

That’s the life I want and I will have it because I deserve it and I’m not worried about the how, I know the universe will lead me there. I have faith that it will show me the way.






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